Would your boat float if it was swamped or capsized? If it did float would it float in a level position? These are the questions that all boat owners should ask themselves.

If this does happen to your boat, the chances of survival are greatly increased if it does float level. It gives those on board time to reach life-saving equipment, and in some cases,  attempt to bail the water out. Even if the boat floats where the deck is level with the sea surface, it allows occupants to stay with the boat and even get back into it. Being able to stay with a floating vessel increases the chance of survival as the boat provides a much larger search target than a human does for search and rescue authorities to locate and it may give the occupants the opportunity to get out of the water thus limiting the effects of hypothermia.

Read the attached guide to calculate how much buoyancy your vessel requires.

The attached Guide to Buoyancy contains information on:

  • Types of Buoyancy
  • Distribution and Placement of Additional Buoyancy
  • How to Install Additional Buoyancy, and
  • Costs

A Guide to Buoyancy in Trailer Boats

Buoyancy in Boats – Video Guide