Facility Types

Boat Ramps

Most of the boat ramps around the state are owned and managed by local councils. Many have been upgraded through the Recreational Boating Fund administered by MAST over the last 20 years and many feature a walkway or pontoon for easier access. The majority of inland ramps are owned and managed by Hydro Tasmania.

GPS Validation Markers

MAST has provided GPS validation marks for boat users across Tasmania. This places visible markers at a number of public boat ramps and associated jetties, at which mariners or owners of portable GPS units can use to validate their position and map datum settings.

Jetties & Wharves

MAST owns and manages the majority of larger jetties which are associated with the commercial fishing industry.


Marinas are owned or managed by a number of yacht clubs or private owners. There is one public marina in Sullivans Cove owned by Marine and Safety Tasmania which has a maximum three hour berthing limit.

Public Cruising Moorings

Any vessel on the mooring at 17:00 hours has the use of the mooring overnight and must vacate by 09:00 hours the next morning. Maximum vessel length 15.0 metres monohull, and 14.0 metres multihull. No more than one vessel at a time to be attached to the mooring. There is a 4 hour time limit during the day. Maximum wind rating 40 knots. Rafting up is not permitted. Care must be taken by user to ensure the head rope is protected from chafe. In severe weather conditions, the vessel must be closely monitored by the owner / operator.