Incident Investigation Reports

It is a requirement for the operator of any vessel involved in a maritime incident to inform MAST as soon as practicable.

Under the Marine and Safety (Maritime Incidents) Regulations 2017, MAST may investigate a maritime incident by appointing an investigator.

This investigator prepares a report, setting out the results of the investigation, which is then published by MAST.

Incident reports for the last three years are listed below.


Operators and owners of larger commercial vessels should take note of the conclusion in this report, especially:

  • It is most important that all bridge crew should be aware of the importance of maintaining a constant and proper lookout and all should be aware of their duties
  • Forward vision is most important and all measures should be taken to ensure that it is the best it can be. This could include measures to keep water off the windows and keeping the vessel in the best trim possible, particularly those vessels with bow doors. It is worth noting that vessels built under the NSCV C1 are required to be able to see the water level no less than 2 ship lengths ahead of the vessel; in the case of the Statesman that would be no less than 103 metres.

Investigation Report – Statesman

Commercial vessel operators, fishing and trading should take notice of this report, in particular:

  • The importance of accurate and disciplined voyage planning and navigation
  • Proper maintenance of navigation equipment in particular adequate and proper night lighting so as a watch keeper’s night vision is not prejudiced
  • Vessel owners should be aware of their responsibility in determining adequate crew for each and every voyage
  • Vessel Masters should write and maintain standing orders and night orders so there can be no misunderstanding on what is expected from watch keepers
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that crew are properly certified
  • All owners and skippers should be aware that every vessel has a legal obligation to monitor VHF Channel 16 at all times
  • Bilge systems should be maintained to a high level at all times.

Investigation Report – Jan Hardy