Paddle Safe

Paddle Safe is a state-wide education and skills program developed by MAST and Surf Life Saving Tasmania and supported by the Tasmanian Water Safety Council (TWSC) who has consistently identified lightweight paddle craft as a high risk recreation.

This practical program aims to educate recreational paddlers about safety and paddle skill development.

If there is sufficient interest for a Paddle Safe session in a particular area,  Surf Life Saving Tasmania will consider scheduling a session.  Contact or MAST 


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In January 2014 Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), Surf Life Saving Tasmania (SLST) and KingboroughMunicipal Council ran a pilot program to educate recreational paddlers.  This was a huge success and it is now planned to work with councils on a state-wide basis.


  • the drowning of a paddler at Dover in August 2013
  • 28 rescues from paddle craft in Tasmania
  • sales of these craft averaging around 4,000 per year in Tasmania

The Paddle Safe Program is aimed at providing valuable skills to the inexperienced recreational, part time paddler and is supported by the Tasmanian Water Safety Council.

The topics?

  • correct paddling techniques (SLST
  • weather reports and where to obtain them (MAST)
  • life jackets and safety equipment

MAST and SLST will provide the personnel and the equipment at no cost.

The success of this program depends on local Council involvement and we look forward to working with you to make paddling safe in your municipality.

For more information please contact Ian Ross at MAST on 6235 8859