Life Jacket Voucher Program

A new Australian Standard (AS), AS4758.1, for life jackets was introduced in 2010 and implemented. The old jackets are being phased out over a ten year period from 2010 until 2020. By 1 January 2021, all life jackets used in Tasmania will need to adhere to the new Standard AS4758.1.

Life Jacket Replacement Voucher Scheme

MAST has introduced this scheme to assist recreational boaters and licence holders to transition to the new life jackets by providing $20.00 vouchers, redeemable when purchasing a new AS4758.1 life jacket.

What are old Standard Life Jackets?

Old jackets are labeled with AS1512, AS1499 or AS2260 inside the jacket. These jackets are also referred to as Level 1, 2 or 3 PFDs.

What is the difference between the old Standard and the new Standard life jackets?

  • The new Australian Standard requires life jackets to have greater buoyancy than the old standard.
  • AS 4758.1 takes into account advances in life jacket design and manufacture. It should also be noted the life span of a life jacket is ten years and they should be replaced after this period of time.

ISO Jackets and Australian Standard Jackets

ISO standard jackets are not recognised in Tasmania as there is no requirement to audit the manufacturers.

Have you recently purchased a new life jacket?

If you have bought a life jacket in the last three years, there is a very good chance that it is one of the new AS4758.1 jackets. Check the label inside the life jacket.

How do I obtain a voucher?

Take your old standard life jacket to one of the BoatSafe Partners listed below and receive a $20.00 voucher towards the purchase of a new jacket at that store.

Vouchers cannot be used to replace existing AS4758.1 life jackets – only for the old AS1512, 2260 and 1499 jackets.


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