Launching and Retrieving

The aim of boating is to be out on the water, so it’s important that all users of boat ramps can launch and retrieve their boats quickly and efficiently.

Follow the tips below, or watch our boat ramp etiquette guide, and nobody should get hot under the collar at the boat ramp.

Tips for launching:

  • Be prepared before you get to the boat ramp – check the boat is ready to use and make sure the bungs are in!
  • Don’t block the ramp. Remove trailer lights and tie down straps in the parking area
  • Tie a painter (rope) to the bow of the vessel so that you can control it as it comes off the trailer
  • Check the state of tide and condition of ramp before reversing down the ramp – it may save you getting bogged or damaging your trailer or outboard leg.
  • If you are unsure, seek local knowledge.

Tips for retrieving your boat:

  • Be prepared – organise berthing lines and fenders and once berthed make sure someone looks after the vessel whilst the trailer is retrieved
  • Run the winch cable out and hook it up at the back of the trailer before reversing down the ramp. It is then ready to hook the boat on
  • Don’t reverse too far down the ramp – some ramps are difficult or not suitable at low tide
  • Remember to raise the outboard before winching the boat on to the trailer
  • Connect the safety chain when the boat is in its correct position
  • Drive clear of the ramp so it is free for others to use
  • Remove bungs, attach tie down straps and ready the boat for the trip home whilst in the parking area away from the ramp.