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Prosser River Stabilisation Project

Since 1963 the Prosser River has been propagating in a northerly direction.  As a result of the concerns surrounding the continued recession of the shoreline and the threat to the Tasman Highway, homes and Raspins Beach, together with the shoaling sand creating a safety hazard for the boating community, the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council commissioned a report by engineers to investigate a long term solution to stabilise the mouth of the Prosser River.

This Report recommended sand-filled geotextile bag training walls, to be developed in stages, to provide consistent river flow and entrance direction.

Current situation:

  • The project is within budget.
  • Work will recommence after the bird breeding season in April 2018, when the southern wall will be completed and defective bags will be repaired.

Strong currents exist. The public should stay well clear of the geotextile bags and obey the on-site signage.