Notices to Mariners

M027-20 Monitoring Equipment – Port of Devonport

Notice No.

Mariners are advised of scientific/monitoring equipment being deployed in the following locations:

Equipment Attached to nav marker WGS 84 Water depth
Latitude Longitude
Turbidity logger south 12

41 11.313 S

146 22.055 E 5 m
Turbidity logger north 9       41 10.614 S 146 21.893 E 7 m
Current profiler (ADCP) south 13       41 11.133 S 146 21.964 E 10 m


Turbidity loggers are positioned midwater, approximately 1m from navigation marker, with the weight/anchor approximately 3m from the base of this same marker.

Current profiler sits 0.5m above seabed, approximately 50m from the base of navigation marker.

Equipment is expected to be retrieved in approximately 2 weeks’ time.



Equipment has been removed. This Notice is cancelled.