Notices to Mariners

M152-19 Port of Devonport – Minimum Depths

Notice No.

Depths at Port of Devonport following Bed Levelling Programme January 2019.

The maximum draft for Port of Devonport is 9.0m.


Region                                Minimum Depth

Main Channel                    9.1m

Swing Basin                        8.5m

No. 1 West                         8.5m

No. 3 West                         6.8m   (180m to 280m)

No. 4 West                         7.7m    (0 to 180m)

No. 5 West                         5.4m

No. 1 East                           6.9m

No. 2 East                           9.3m

No. 3 East                           8.2m up to 30m from Ramp

M069-19 is now cancelled.