Notices to Mariners

M139-17 Prohibited Areas – Hobart

Notice No.

Mariners and others are advised that, under the provision of Regulation 71 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017, the areas under all wharves in Hobart have been declared as “Prohibited Areas.” This will include all wharves in Sullivan’s Cove, Macquarie Wharves, Selfs Point and the Nyrstar berth at Risdon.

Persons in charge of vessels must not enter the prohibited areas.

Regulation 71, subsection 5 states:

MAST, an authorised person or a police officer may:-

Order the master of a vessel or a person to leave a prohibited area.

Penalty:   Fine not exceeding 50 penalty points.

Signage has been erected to this effect.

The following plans showing the location of the prohibited areas.

Selfs Point