Notices to Mariners

M120-19 Incat Sea Trials

Notice No.


Mariners are advised that the INCAT vessel Volcan De Tagoro will be undertaking sea trials in the River Derwent, Storm Bay and Frederick Henry Bay, between 3 July 2019 to 8 July 2019.

During sea trials, the vessel will at times operate at speeds exceeding 40 knots and may quickly alter course and speed, even while the vessel appears to be stationary.

Marines are requested to keep clear of the vessel at all times while it is undertaking sea trials. This is especially important for operators of small vessels and PWC who need to be aware that due to the high-speed nature of the Volcan De Tagoro’s operations, interactions with the vessel can very quickly develop into dangerous situations.

Mariners should also be advised that under no circumstances should any vessel, including rowing shells and PWC, transit between the hulls at any time, including when the vessel is berthed at the wharf. This is because the vessels waterjets can transfer a high volume of water and may start at any time.