Notices to Mariners

M119-19 Deployment of Scientific Equipment – Storm Bay off Yellow Bluff and Cape Connella off South Bruny Island

Notice No.

Mariners are advised Huon Aquaculture is installing two wave/weather buoys in the Cape Connella area east of South Bruny Island.  One 1.13nm south of Cape Connella (this is a continuation of an earlier deployment) and the other 0.9nm east of Cape Connella.

The corner markers are being installed at the co-ordinates shown below.

Corner marker location      Latitude           Longitude
East of Cape Connella                147 23.936         -43 23.473
South of Cape Connella             147 22.826         -43 24.583


The wave buoys will be lit with a yellow light Fl 1.5S (0.3 and 1.2) with a range of two nautical miles.

The east of Cape Connella buoy will be in place for 12 months until 26 June 2020.

Mariners should transit with care.

The south of Cape Connella buoy was removed on 17 December 2019.