Notices to Mariners

M113-19 Navigation Warning – INCAT Prince of Wales Bay

Notice No.

Mariners are advised that vessels transiting the entrance of Prince of Wales Bay on the River Derwent should be aware that INCAT will be launching and commissioning a 112m vessel, the Volcan de Tagoro, alongside the INCAT facilities from 15 June 2019 through until 5 July 2019.

The vessel will be launched between 15 – 16 June 2019 which will include night time operations.

The vessel will then be deploying its Marine Evacuation System on 17 June 2019 between 1230 and 1530.

The vessel will be secured by high tension lines extending 70m from the shore. Extremities of the lines will be marked by two orange buoys, one 100m off the northern end of the Incat wharf with the other 50m from the NE corner of the shed (ref attached google earth image).   Lines will be illuminated at night by a flood light situated on the vessel once it has been launched and is in position alongside the wharf.

Mariners are advised not to transit between buoys and the vessel and to navigate with extreme caution within the vicinity of INCAT facilities. Under no circumstances should any vessel or PWC transit between the vessels hulls while it is berthed alongside the wharf, as the vessels waterjets transfer a dangerously high volume of water and may start at any time.

Mariners are requested to keep at least 100m from the INCAT vessel once it is moored alongside the INCAT wharf. Mariners are also requested to exercise a no wash zone within 200m from the vessel and the INCAT facility.

During the vessels launching (15 June 2019 – 16 June 2019) and during the testing of the Marine Evacuation System on the 17 June 2019, mariners operating in the area between the northern end of Nystar Wharf and the Bowen Bridge are requested to keep wash to a minimum.