Notices to Mariners

M113-17 Port of Burnie

Notice No.

Following recent requests for greater beam width at Berth #7, the following minimum depths should be applied to the Port of Burnie. Fuel tankers at # 5 berth will also need to adhere to the minimum depth due to the position of the shore side manifold.

Berth                                                              Minimum depth

Swing Basin                                                      10.0m

No.4. Berth                                                         8.4m

No.5. Berth                                  

(Based on Vessels with stern at 197m mark)

Vessels up to 183m                                                   9.8m
Vessels between 183 -205m                                    9.3m
Vessels over 205m & Fuel Tankers                        8.8m
No.6. Berth                                                          11.3 m

No7. Berth

(Within Berth Pocket 250 x 35m)                           11.3 m

Vessels with a beam 35.01m to 37m                       11.1m

Vessels with a beam of 37.01m to 38.0m              10.8m