Notices to Mariners

M104-19 Harbour Work – Hobart

Notice No.

Macquarie berth 6 has commenced demolition works and mariners are requested to remain well clear.

 A silt boom has been installed around the works with characteristics 3 white flashing lights ON 0.3secs OFF 2.7secs

 Code flags R over Y will be displayed during daylight hours with mariners requested to reduce speed and pass the area slowly with minimum wash.

 Navigation mark currently located at Mac 6, with characteristics 3 fixed red lights in a vertical line will be moved to a new location Latitude = 42 ° 52 ‘ 36 Longitude = 147 ° 20 ‘ 27

 All work is expected to be completed by end October.


These works have been completed.  M104-19 is now cancelled.