Notices to Mariners

M100-17 Marine Farming Lease – Okehampton Bay

Notice No.

Mariners are advised that Tassal will be conducting mooring works on marine farming lease 236 at Okehampton Bay. During this time the lit special marks will be moved out to the boundary of the marine farming zone 4 in the following positions:

Mark 66 – 42 degrees 31.3462’S / 147 degrees 58.6819’E

Mark 67 – 42 degrees 32.2222’S / 147 degrees 57.9648’E

Mark 68  – 42 degrees 32.4371’S / 147 degrees 58.7427’E

Mark 69  – 42 degrees 31.9072’S / 147 degrees 59.4212’E


Marks 68 will be east of the transit line between Lords Bluff and Point Home whilst these works are being undertaken.

Light sequence Q 1 S  (on 0.5; off 0.5).  Radar reflectors have been fitted at points 68 and 69.

The mooring works will commence on Friday, 4 August 2017, and will take approximately one month.

Mariners will be advised when the works have been completed, at which time the marks will be moved back to the marine farm lease boundary by way of a further Notice to Mariners with corner marks identified.

Mariners should navigate with caution in the area.