Notices to Mariners

M085-19 Prosser River Pipeline

Notice No.

Mariners are advised that on or about 1 May to 7 May, dependent on weather, 2 x 500m strings of pipe will be towed out of the Prosser River to Spring Bay. This pipe will be sunk in Spring Bay just north of the Eastcoaster Resort at 42° 32.424’S; 147° 54.897’E and will emerge at the Sea Fish Wharf at 42° 32.077’S; 147° 55.551′. Both sections will be sunk on different days depending on weather. A moored vessel and a barge will remain with the second pipe overnight and will be lit accordingly.

During the second week of May and provided the two sections have been sunk successfully in Spring Bay, a further 2km of pipe will be sunk in the Prosser River. Entering down river from the dam, the pipe will be sunk under the bridge and through existing boat moorings, exiting the Prosser River at 42° 33.254’S; 147° 52.564’E.


This Notice is cancelled