Notices to Mariners

M056-20 COVID 19 – Tasmanian State of Emergency – declaration requirements for the arrival of recreational vessels and DCVs in Tasmania

Notice No.

From midnight, Friday, 20 March, all non-essential travellers departing for Tasmania will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

The quarantine period will not apply to essential travellers – such as health care workers, emergency workers, defence personnel, air and ship crew, specialists, and essential freight personnel (truck drivers/Spirit freight) and there will be stringent guidelines to manage this. All entrants will be screened on arrival and must demonstrate they meet the essential traveller criteria.

Therefore, any recreational vessel arriving into Tasmanian waters from interstate is required to contact the Tasmanian Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 immediately on arrival.  The vessel will then be directed as to the quarantine requirements that will apply to those on board the vessel. Contact with the Tasmanian Health Hotline must be undertaken prior to anyone disembarking from the vessel.   Tasmania Police and Biosecurity Tasmania will ensure compliance with the quarantine measures, helping people to access support and follow up to ensure the process is adhered to.

These requirements also apply to any Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) whose arrival into Tasmania does not occur through a regulated TasPorts port where submission of Vessel Movement Advice (VMA) is a requirement.

Breaching the quarantine process, including declaration of the vessel’s arrival, may incur a penalty of up to $16,800.

This Notice will be updated as required.


This notice is cancelled.  See M057-20.