Notices to Mariners

M055-20 Mooring Works – Marine Farm Lease 266 Franklin Lease Macquarie Harbour

Notice No.

Mariners are advised Tassal will be undertaking mooring work at MF 266 Franklin Lease commencing Saturday, 21 March 2020.

The corner markers will be moved to the co-ordinates shown below and returned once mooring works are completed on 17 July 2020.

Mooring works have been completed.  This Notice is cancelled.

Corner marker


Degrees, minutes decimal

WGS 84

Latitude Longitude
A. -42° 19.966’S 145° 24.636’E
B. -43° 20.219’S 145° 25.163E
C. -43° 21.223’S 145° 24.279’E
D. -43° 20.960’S 145° 23.758’E

Corner marks will be lit as per the existing lease requirements.

Mariners should transit with care.