Notices to Mariners

M025-19 Port of Devonport and Port of Burnie

Notice No.

Polaris Marine will be undertaking  bed levelling to the following sites across Devonport and Burnie:


Location                                    Bed Levelling Target Depth (mCD)    Start Date        End Date
Devonport                                                                                                                   06/02/2019       8/03/2019
No.1 East (evening works)        6.7
No.2 East (evening works)       9.2
No.3 East                                      9.2
No.1 West                                     9.7
No.4 West                                    9.5
No.5 West                                    6.5
Shipping Basin                           9.2

Entrance Channel West            9.5
Entrance Channel East             9.5
Entrance Channel Bend           9.5

Berth 7                                       11.0                                                                            06/02/2019        9/02/2019

Hours of operations are from 6am to 6pm with the exception of two evenings of bed levelling to berths 1 East and 2 East in Devonport which will not run past 12am.

Vessel “EDI” can be contacted via VHF channel 14.

Expected period of operation –

Devonport 6/02/2019 until 08/03/2019

Burnie (Berth 7) 06/02/2019 until 09/02/2019


Works are completed and Notice is now cancelled.