Moorings in cruising areas

Cruising anchorages are located in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, parts of the Tasman Peninsula, East, North and West Coasts. Typically these anchorages are used for casual, overnight anchoring by vessels cruising Tasmanian coastal waters. A number of Marine Reserves also exist around the State in which moorings are prohibited. Further information can be found under Public Cruising Moorings.

In some circumstances MAST will allow moorings in cruising anchorages. Therefore, MAST in consultation with the Tasmanian Yachting Association, has developed a policy in dealing with new mooring applications in traditional cruising areas as follows :

  • Each application will be individually assessed
  • Applications for any area outside recognised mooring areas, or an area in which there are no or only a few existing moorings may be forwarded to Tasmanian Yachting and Cruising Clubs and Associations for comment
  • Applications by landowners for a mooring adjacent to their property may be allowed
  • Use of existing moorings in cruising areas

Protocol for the use of existing moorings in cruising areas, as developed by MAST and others, is as follows:

  • If more than one boat wishes to use the mooring at a time, they would raft up together no later than one hour before sunset, providing anchored vessels are unaffected. (This optimises the available space since the rafted boats don’t have a swing distance and provides more room for vessels to anchor
  • Vessel owners who wish to berth a boat at a mooring would not displace boats anchored in the cruising anchorages if they arrive one hour before sunset
  • The design of the mooring buoy would be amended so as to not interfere with the safe navigation of other boats that are likely to use the anchorage