Mooring Contractors

This list is supplied for information purposes only.  It is the responsibility of each mooring permit holder to make their own enquiries and to engage a contractor capable of providing a service and level of work appropriate for the mooring site and vessel.  Contactor’s work cannot be approved or endorsed by MAST.


West MarineBen West0421 443
South East
Channel Mooring MaintenanceBob Kelly0419 912 East
Mooring DoctorRodney Milton0402 862 212vick_rod@hotmail.comSouth East
Beauty Point SlipwayDavid Thomson0419 302607beautypointslipway@hotmail.comTamar River / Beauty Point
Gravelly Beach MarineMark Cornish /
Tanya Cornish
63 944 271 or
0417 331 104 River
Mooring MaintenanceMichael Freeman and Tyler Harvey0419 599 650mooringmaintenance@outlook.comSouth East
Statewide MooringsShane Wilson0418 458 971smstasmania@gmail.comStatewide
Mooring and Marine ServicesEwen & Mary Mickan0457 811 070moorings345@outlook.comDerwent, Channel, Huon