Mooring Contractors

This list is supplied for information purposes only.  It is the responsibility of each mooring permit holder to make their own enquiries and to engage a contractor capable of providing a service and level of work appropriate for the mooring site and vessel.  Contactor’s work cannot be approved or endorsed by MAST.


West MarineBen West0421 443 003westmarinetas@gmail.comSouth East
Channel Mooring MaintenanceBob Kelly0419 912 East
Mooring DoctorRodney Milton0402 862 212vick_rod@hotmail.comSouth East
Beauty Point SlipwayDavid Thomson0419 302607beautypointslipway@hotmail.comTamar River / Beauty Point
Gravelly Beach MarineMark Cornish /
Tanya Cornish
63 944 271 or
0417 331 104 River
Mooring MaintenanceMichael Freeman and Tyler Harvey0419 599 650mooringmaintenance@outlook.comSouth East
Statewide MooringsShane Wilson0418 458 971smstasmania@gmail.comStatewide
Mooring and Marine ServicesEwen & Mary Mickan0457 811 070moorings345@outlook.comDerwent, Channel, Huon