Applying for a new mooring

Once you have selected an area where you would like to place your mooring you must complete an “Application for Registration of Mooring” form which is also available from Service Tasmania and the MAST Office.

MAST requires the length, beam, draft and vessel type to be supplied on application, in order for MAST to be able to assess any new site. If this information is not provided, MAST will request it from you prior to assessing it further.

Please ensure that where length is specified on the application, you include any appendages which may be on the vessel such as – bowsprits, dinghy davits, duckboards etc.

If your application is approved, it is recommended that a mooring contractor be used when laying a new mooring.

Once a mooring is registered, owners are required to mark the permit number on the buoy, clearly above the waterline – no less than 75mm in height.

Go to Online Services to check the validity of your mooring permit.