Public Cruising Moorings

Cruising Mooring – Swansea

The mooring is (PM20) recognisable by the distinctive yellow buoy and markings.

Location:  42 degrees 07.220 / 148 degrees 04.659

Water depth  approximately 2.0 metres at Low Tide.


The rules for the mooring’s use are as follows:

  • A 4 hour time limit during day;
  • Vessels picking up the mooring after 5.00pm may remain on the mooring overnight until 9.00am the following day;
  • Maximum vessel length (Monohull) – 15 Metres;
  • Maximum vessel length (Multihull – 14 Metres;
  • The maximum wind rating 40 knots;
  • Rafting up is not permitted;
  • Care must be taken by user to ensure the head rope is protected from chafe;
  • In severe weather conditions, the vessel must be closely monitored by the owner / operator

This mooring may be subject to tide conditions due to the shallow nature of the bay.

Please report any faults or issues to MAST on (03) 6235 8811 or email



Installed 20 September 2018





Address Swansea
Municipality Glamorgan-Spring Bay
Latitude -42° 7.2201
Longitude 148° 4.65924

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