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COVID-19 – Recreational Boating Guidelines

The Tasmanian Government has a clear position that Tasmanians should stay home to save lives.
There are essential circumstances that people may leave the home, and any recreational activity needs to adhere to strict rules.

Can I go boating and fishing?

You can go boating and fishing for recreation/exercise in line with looking after your mental well-being and undertaking outdoor activities.

A two-person rule applies except if you are going boating with members of your family or persons that you reside with.
If boating with one person that you do not reside with, ensure you maintain social distancing (at least 1.5 metres apart). Use hand sanitiser where there is any contact with shared surfaces.

If you are boating alone, please ensure you tell someone where you are going, wear the kill switch cord and a life jacket.  

What procedures should I put in place when launching my boat?

Ensure you wait your turn at the ramp and MAST recommends that if it is a double lane facility, that only one lane is used to maintain the required social distance. Same procedure to apply when retrieving your boat. Maintain personal hygiene at all times.

Are there restrictions on where I can go boating?

Restrictions on where recreational boaters may launch from are in place.

If you own a boat you will be restricted to launching within the municipality within which your primary residential address is listed for the purposes of the stay at home restrictions.

These restrictions will be in place until Monday, 15 June 2020 when all restrictions will be reviewed to determine if an extension is required.

You will not be able to take your boat to a coastal community to launch that boat if it is outside of the municipality in which your primary residence is located.

You can find a list of boat ramps in your municipality on the MAST website.

Am I able to buy fuel for my boat and other essentials?

Yes you are able to buy fuel and other essentials as per current restriction.

Can I stay overnight on my larger cruising boat?

Only if it is your primary residence and you have elected to stay there from 11:59pm on 30 March 2020.

Can I carry out essential maintenance on my boat?

Yes, but if the boat is in a marina please check with the marina manager for conditions that may apply.

Will MAST owned facilities remain open?

Yes, unless MAST is requested to close these facilities.

Are MAST BoatSafe Partners open for business?

Please check directly with your preferred dealer/retailer.

MAST recognises that recreational boating has benefits for mental and physical well-being.

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