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Closure of boat ramp and pontoon at West Kentish Park (Lake Barrington)

Update for Lake Barrington

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to postpone the Devils Gate Power Station works. We have stopped the drawdown of Lake Barrington and will now refill to the previous level (above the notification level of 119.42m, 2.5m from full) – which will mean that the boat ramps will be accessible in time for the weekend and throughout the school holidays.

 The pontoons have already been disconnected in anticipation of the drawdown, but we are working with MAST to get them reconnected. We will advise when the pontoons are available, but in the meantime for your safety use the boat ramps only.

We apologise an inconvenience. Enjoy your outdoor activities and stay safe on the water. 

Boat operators and other recreational users of Lake Barrington are advised the boat ramps and pontoon at West Kentish Park will be closed from Tuesday, 25 September 2018 until Wednesday, 10 October 2018. During this period the lake will be drawn down to a minimum level of 116.59m (-5.33m from full) to facilitate the planned outage of the Devils Gate Power Station for turbine maintenance works. The boat ramps and pontoon will be unusable during this period. The boat ramp at Wilmot should remain usable, although the pontoon will be closed. Hydro Tasmania apologises for any inconvenience caused.