Fire Extinguisher

All vessels with an engine carry a fire extinguisher

  • Only extinguishers marked as complying with AS 1841.5 (1992) or AS 1846 for dry chemical type are acceptable
  • Fire extinguishers are to be readily accessible in suitable and different parts of the boat
  • The minimum number and capacity of fire extinguishers are to be provided in accordance with the following table.


Vessel length
Minimum number and capacity
Minimum equivalent rating
PWCOne 0.75 kg5BE
Under 8 metresOne 0.9 kg5BE
8-12 metresTwo 0.9 kg5BE
Over 12 metres(a) three 0.9 kg - or
(b) one 0.9 kg and one 1.5 kg
5BE / 10BE