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Boat Registration

Registration requirements

Does my vessel need registering?

Any vessel of 4hp or greater requires registration. It is the same requirement for licensing and registration.

How do I register my boat?

You must complete a registration form which is available from MAST or Service Tasmania. A registration fee will apply. You will be notified by mail of your new registration number.

Does my tender need separate registration?

Tenders not exceeding 4.5 metres and used within a distance of 0.5 nautical miles of the larger vessel need only carry the registration number of the larger vessel.

My boat is registered elsewhere – is this acceptable?

If your vessel carries valid registration from another state it does not require Tasmanian registration.

What registration details do I have to display?

You must attach your registration label in a position that is visible from outside the vessel. You must also display your registration numbers, 150mm high, on each side of the vessel.

What if my registration has expired?

You will be required to re-register your vessel if your registration has lapsed. You can be fined for using an unregistered vessel.

How do I transfer ownership of a motor boat?

A Transfer of Ownership of Motor Boat/Mooring form should be completed and signed by both the vendor and the purchaser. The form must then be posted to MAST or taken to Service Tasmania with the transfer fee within seven (7) days. Forms are available from MAST, Service Tasmania or from the MAST website.

What if I want to use my boat for commercial purposes?

Motor boat registration is for recreational purposes only. Call MAST on (03) 6235 8855 for details on how to place a vessel in commercial survey.

Bareboat Charter and Commercial Vessels

Vessels that you bareboat charter or pay to board as a passenger must be in commercial survey. A certificate of survey should be displayed on board the vessel. This lets you know the vessel has been inspected by a surveyor for your safety.

Hire and Drive vessels

You can operate a hire and drive vessel that does not exceed 8 knots without a boat licence provided you receive adequate training to operate the boat safely. All hire and drive vessels should carry a hire and drive certificate.

Application forms to register your vessel are available at any Service Tasmania shop or can be downloaded from the MAST website.

Completed forms can be lodged at any Service Tasmania shop or forwarded by post with the appropriate fee to:
Marine and Safety Tasmania
GPO Box 607

For further information : call 1300 135 513